Saturday, 20 October 2012

What the bears can do... can I - to help me through my crafting bloc, complete exhaustion I have now treated myself to an early Christmas present, which arrived today. I managed to get it nearly £70 cheaper than the exact same model in fancier colours, but I'd have picked the white anyway. It is a gorgeous pearly white and makes THE  most delicious coffees I've had. I also bought a very large (1ltr to be exact) sugarfree caramel syrup so that I don't ruin the diet competely (only 1.5lb off a stone at the moment!yay!)

The photo is shocking as I just took it with my webcam (you can see the screen reflection lol), but it gives you a good idea what its like...isn't it gorgeous? 

I blame my friends over at the The House of Bears showing off with their new coffee machine (I had actually been looking at new coffee machines for a while but never with the intention of getting one), and I decided it was time to replace my Tassimo machine for something that I could get coffee more easily for and to decide myself which exact coffee to use instead of the pre podded ones.

Now...what shall I make next? I suppose my next purchase will need  to be decaff coffee for it as i can't sleep at night if I have coffee after 6pm!

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  1. You need some sort of instant hot chocolate for mochas, gingerbread syrup, ginger biscuits to go with gingerbread lattes, ooh, hazelnut syrup is nice, but then you need hazelnut wafers to complete the experience....

    Oh, and a lottery win to fund the new coffeemaddiction, hee hee.

    Happy new machine, we love ours, although Wilbear claims he's in charge, since our friend Butterfly Christened him bearista!!