Friday, 9 November 2012

I have discovered...

...that it is just not possible to, work, be a carer, diet, go to the gym, read my favourite books AND craft or blog!

So far I have lost one stone, 10" in total and an jogging three times a week on treadmill doing bouts of 10 minstrel jog 1 min walk, last session I did 32 minstrel walking only 2x 1min, I then did a bit more and finished with a sprint. Loving being back at the gym and feeling healthy and fitter again, but as I said some things have got to give.

So in the mean time I leave you with a sketch I drew when I was a member of Pencil Lines Sketch blog, and the layout is did for it.

Apologies for not posting, crafting or visiting your amazing Blogs. I shall resume at some point when I have more time back.