Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to make a stunning make up model angry!

You cut her up and stick her back together all wonky! I did another double pages today and I hate it! The background I did a week or so back and I really liked it, one side is fine the other is hideous so I will start again! I look at other blots, flicker etc and think wow that's stunning, then I produce something I'm not happy with. I think I need to sit back and do my challenge tag over at The House Bears where the challenge is based on books,so I think the thinking cap will be well and truly on!
Here is the offending Page...

I have since altered this slightly, not much, but happier with it now. Will need to wait until tomorrow to photograph it again though. 

Ok, so it doesn't look that different in the photo but it does actually look better in real life.

I am back at work now after having the summer off (I can't complain at that ) , so blogging and crafting will, yet again, become sporadic.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a more creatively successful day.

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  1. We love it as it is, she looks freaky in a good way for an art journal. We know what it's like if you'r not happy with your own pages though, they annoy you til you tweak them to your satisfaction