Friday, 24 August 2012


I LOVED to doodle years ago, but never really thought anything off it, I just sat while chatting on the phone or watching tv and doodled, all of it ended up in the fire, as it was just doodling!

Now I tried to get back into it on several occasions, and it just didn't happen as freely as it used to, so I went onto Amazon and downloaded to my kindle and kindle app on Playbook Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista, she gave me hints and tips, jump words etc to get going again and this is what I produced, actually it's the third doodle I did the other two were on scrap paper I shall save for another project.

Anyway, black fine. Gel pen, black calligraphy pen and a red watercolour pencil were used to create hhis, I actually remembered to stop and take photos along the way.!

Thank you for looking and all your lovely comments, it means a lot. Xx


  1. Now that's very clever and creative. My paws are not too clever at doodling but I may have a little try some time.

    Love from Horace who has escaped from the bin!

  2. Awh poor Horace, I'm glad you've escaped :) doodling is fun, no right or wrong, just go for it. X

  3. Cath, that's absolutely gorgeous. You should try Zentangle - organised doodling! It's brilliant, fun and addictive. I do zentangle inspired art (ZIA). Google Zentangle and have a go! There's a link on my blog for Tangle Patterns where pretty well every pattern drawn is to be found, with instructions.


  4. Very very nice Cath
    Love the way you are doodleoodleoodling.
    Great pages for the art journal.

    Greetings Janny

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Cath, and for your welcome hugs! Much appreciated. Dad is still in hospital but slightly better today, though still very confused. My sister has come down and is staying with Mum for a couple of days and this takes the pressure off a bit.